Daily Prompt: Large

From Inside the Grey House:

Lilly cleared her throat, indicating they should continue. It took a moment for Natalia to move; she was staring at the view. Before moving she concluded that it was not the same view as in her dream. Something was missing, but she didn’t know what. Lilly finally pulled at her arm. Natalia started walking again, still trying to see the view in her dream. It wouldn’t come. She closed her eyes and followed Lilly through the only open door. The master bathroom was larger, as was the round tub. The tub was to the left of center. There was a square shower stall about five feet by five in the far right corner. Next to it was a counter with two sinks. The toilet was in the far left corner, mostly hidden behind a curtain.

Lilly helped Natalia out of her robe and into the tub. There were stairs for this one too.

“Wouldn’t a shower make more sense?”

“You can shower later. I want to help you with your hair. More comfortable for both of us if you’re seated in the tub.”

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