Daily Prompt: Twitch

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent continued to stare her down as murmurs erupted in the room. Most came from the werewolves. He spared them a glance and they quieted, except for Rebecca who seemed to be taking bets on how the fight would end. “I do what I have to, to keep me and mine safe.”

“So, I’m not one of yours?” Her anger was back, a hard knot in her stomach, but her voice didn’t betray her emotions.

A muscle twitched in his jaw. He had spoken without thinking, which happened a lot when he was near her. Vincent didn’t want to have this argument in front of all his people. It was none of their business. “You’re my woman, Natalia, which means you are one of mine.”

She stepped forward. Surprised, he stepped back. “Then why let me place myself in harm’s way Vincent? If I’m really one of yours, you would never let me fight Edwin’s men.”

“I had nothing to fear. I know what you can do.”

“You’re using me for more than your pleasure.”

He shrugged, pure triumph shining in his eyes. “You said you’d be an asset.”

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