Daily Prompt: Hospital

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia led Vincent through the crowd by his tie, enjoying the look in her lover’s eye. She was still walking backwards, but Vincent’s hands were on her waist, guiding her to their destination. They worked out the plan weeks before the party. If she were needed, she would show up dressed to impress, and seduce Vincent, trying to anger Edwin into following them and yelling at them. As they argued, Vincent’s men would take any young humans into the empty storage room for safe keeping. The children would be taken to a hospital at first chance.

As Natalia led her lover to the private corner, Vincent realized the folly of their plan. She was too damn sexy in her black and silver dress. He didn’t want Edwin following and arguing with them; he wanted to screw the hell out of his woman.

As they strolled into the private corner, Vincent wondered again where she had gotten the dress. He had picked one out for her; she left the house earlier this evening wearing it. She had not been carrying anything with her. She must have had the dress at the safe house, or perhaps brought to her. He preferred this one; it was more revealing. And it was velvet. Vincent shook his head, taking a few deep breaths. He was obsessed with her dress.

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