Daily Prompt: Dynamic

And now for something completely different. My newest work in progress (WIP) is also about supernatural creatures, but they follow my rules, not rules from a gaming book. In the WIP, supernatural creatures are a known thing, not hidden in the shadows. They are called Dynamics. Here’s the first instance of the work Dynamic in that book:

“I have a question first.”

He nodded and waited.

“You said your name was Lord Robert Davenport, Esquire. Does the ‘Lord’ mean you’re a Dynamic?”

He leaned back and smiled. “Yes. Does that matter to you?”

She shrugged. “I don’t have a problem with it. I’ve never really interacted with Dynamics.”

Robert frowned. “We’re pretty abundant.”

“Not in all areas.” She closed her eyes to think. “I forget the term, but this county is in… a Neutral Zone, I think they called it.” She opened her eyes. “Dynamics don’t like living here. The energy is wrong or something like that.”

He leaned forward a bit and nodded as he understood. “Stop me if this sounds familiar. There are, in general terms, three types of Zones: Good, Neutral and Negative. Good Zones are the best for Dynamics, especially witches, as it offers them plenty of energy to cast from. Though other Dynamics, like were-creatures and vampires, can live anywhere, they prefer to be near witches, as they end up keeping us safe. Neutral Zones are, well, neutral. Sometimes there is enough energy, sometimes there isn’t. If there isn’t, we don’t tend to want to be in the area, but some lesser Dynamics find it to be a good place.”

“Lesser Dynamics?”

“Dynamics who want to live a normal life. Those that don’t want anyone to know they have special abilities.”

“Ah. Ok. And Negative Zones?”

“Suck the energy from Dynamics and can kill them. Luckily, there aren’t that many Negative Zones out there. They usually happen where there’s been some kind of disaster.”

“Like a nuclear bomb dropping or nuclear reactor accident?”

“Sure, but also volcanic explosions or even an earthquake, though a natural disaster site heals a lot quicker than a man made disaster site.”


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