Daily Prompt: Side

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia pulled out a small paper tube, gripped one of the flattened sealed ends, and ripped it open. She placed the open end under the sleeping man’s nose and waved it back and forth. Even standing a few feet away, Charlie could tell it was smelling salts. He covered his nose, not liking the sharp scent. It made him want to growl. Natalia didn’t react in the least, just kept waving the salts in front of Jeffery’s nose until the man started to react. She stopped using the salts when he coughed and jerked his head away. She cocked her head to the side and pulled her hand away from his face. She grabbed a few tissues out of the box on the nightstand, wrapped up the smelling salts and stuffed the bundle into her backpack. When he opened his eyes and stared at her, she gave him a gentle smile.

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