Daily Prompt: Few

From Inside the Grey House:

“Very nicely said. I’m sure your wife will reward you for your words at a later date. This doesn’t change the fact that you are more loyal to the women in this house than you are the vampire who houses you and allows you to live. What are we going to do about this?”

Charlie looked down, feeling Rebecca’s reassuring hand in his. “Whatever you have to, Vincent.”

The vampire stayed silent for a few minutes, wondering what he really wanted to do about Charlie. He could easily kill Charlie but didn’t think that was a worthy punishment. Also, Vincent wasn’t sure Rebecca would stay loyal if her husband was dead by his hand. Vincent had known all along that Charlie wasn’t loyal to him, but knew the werewolf was loyal to Rebecca. That was never a problem. He had to wonder if it was really a problem that Charlie would save Natalia over him.

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