Daily Prompt: Direction

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia watched as Edwin’s men reacted like scared children, running to every door they could find, not sure which direction they should go. She could see Vincent’s men, who calmly stood where they were, looking around for targets. Besides Vincent’s men, there were four people in the crowd who stood stock-still. Those four were her targets. She looked around a little bit more, and found Vincent, Joseph and Edwin with her eyes. All three had retreated to the private corner.

Natalia returned her gaze to the crowd, who were all trying to get out the closed door at the same time. She heard interrupted screams and saw gray clouds around the four Slayers. Their deaths showed Natalia how young Edwin’s lot was. The crowd parted around one Slayer, a young woman, and Natalia saw Mierka was closing in on her. The Slayer held a stake in one hand and a spray bottle in the other. Natalia guessed it was filled with either holy water or garlic oil. Natalia felt the warrior in her take over and she pounced.

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