Daily Prompt: Separate

From Inside the Grey House:

Once satiated, Joseph went back to the humans waiting in the training room. They had been standing at attention since Mierka called him to the stairs. They all looked rather uncomfortable. Joseph spent the rest of the night making them even more uncomfortable. He rather enjoyed it. It was close to sunrise when he led them downstairs. He took three into the main dungeon and shackled them to the wall. The two others were taken to separate cells. None protested, as all understood why they were being punished. Joseph left the dungeon and went to Vincent’s study. He knocked before entering but didn’t wait for a response. Vincent was sitting at his desk, looking through some paperwork, waiting for him.

Vincent looked up as Joseph entered, giving his friend a level look as the man walked to the side bar and poured himself a glass of brandy.

“What did you learn?” Vincent went back to his paperwork.

“She was mostly incoherent.” He swirled the glass slowly, trying to warm the dark liquid.

Vincent looked up at Joseph, annoyed with his friend’s coyness. “What did she say?”

A phantom of a smile flashed across his features. When he turned toward Vincent all that was left was a glimmer in his eye. “She doesn’t want to be changed. I couldn’t discern why, but I believe it has something to do with the vampire she hunts.”

“This amuses you?” Vincent’s hands were folded on his desk. “Yes, it does.”

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