Daily Prompt: Donor

From Inside the Grey House:

Two humans knelt by his side, the closest bearing their wrist to him. The human pulled out a dagger and slit his arm carefully, allowing Joseph to grasp his arm and suck on the blood. Joseph took what he could then pulled back, not wanting to kill the human. The second took out his own dagger, slit his arm and presented the wound to the downed vampire. Joseph grasped his arm as the first human pulled back, gauze pressed tightly to his wound.

When he had taken enough from the second human, Joseph closed his eyes and blindly nodded to Kimberly. She grasped the end of the staff and pulled it out slowly as Joseph healed his wound. They timed it well, and he bled no more. Once healed, Joseph opened his eyes, looking for more blood. As the two donors slipped out the door, two more came forward to feed him. He smiled his thanks and took what they gave gratefully.

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