Daily Prompt: Employment

From Inside the Grey House:

Vincent watched as Anthony squared off against Kimberly. Both were holding staffs. It was their least favorite weapon, but Joseph understood that all of House LeGris had to know how to use every weapon they could come across. Vincent was leaning against the wall of his ballroom, which was more often used as an exercise room. Currently, all the vampires who lived in his home, plus Anthony, and his girl Julia, were in the room, dressed to train. Rebecca, Charlie and the rest of the werewolves were also in the room, smirking at the vampires and taking bets. Their training session was already over and they were simply hanging out to poke fun as the vampires had done to them.

Mierka and Orlando were the only ones of his household not in the room. Orlando was in the security room watching the screens. Mierka was waiting for Natalia to return. Natalia had been gone since morning, and none of the werewolves could track her. It wasn’t the first time his lady pulled a disappearing act; Vincent knew she would return at some point this evening. The other times, she had gone to fight either a Slayer or a vampire. Once, she fought a demon and was nearly killed. It had taken Lilly, who was now in his permanent employment, three days to recover after healing Natalia. Vincent had been very upset.

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