Daily Prompt: Weight

From Inside the Grey House:

It took a while, but finally Natalia saw what she needed. Up until now, only her side of the path had bushes. The other side had trees that weren’t thick enough together to hide herself and her actions. Now, there were bushes on both sides. Pulling the cloth out of the bag, she placed it into her right hand, left the bushes and slipped up behind Jeffery. He didn’t notice her and she was able to wrap her arm around his head, place the chloroform cloth to his mouth and nose and pull him into the bushes on the other side of the path. Jeffery wasn’t a large man, about as tall as Natalia, making it easy for her to move him around. In the bushes, she used her full weight to keep him quiet, until the chloroform made him pass out.

Knowing she didn’t have too much time, Natalia stuffed the cloth back into the plastic bag, shoved the bag into her pocket and pulled Jeffery up to a standing position. She slipped his arm around her neck and then placed her arm around his waist, making it look like she was trying to walk him back to her car. He was about her built and weight, so it wasn’t that hard to pretend to walk him out of the park.

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