Daily Prompt: Entertained

From Inside the Grey Hosue:

Anthony didn’t like Morgan. He liked the vampire biker, Dex, even less, but knew he had to keep them entertained. Vincent wanted time alone with Edwin, but now that Natalia was in the room as well, he felt someone should be watching. Joseph was in the security room, but Anthony preferred when there were two watching. One to watch and one to sound the alarm when necessary.

As it was, Joseph was alone in the security room and was more than able to sound the alarm. Anthony didn’t trust Natalia and felt he, or one of his men, should be watching her actions. Vincent didn’t feel this was required; therefore, Anthony was stuck in the foyer, speaking with vampires that weren’t worth his time. He tried to start a conversation with Dex, but it was impossible. The man had no intelligence.

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