Daily Prompt: Just

From Inside the Grey House:

“All right, get out and help me, but stumble around a bit like you’ve been drinking.”

Charlie nodded, opened the back door and stumbled out of the car, laughing. Natalia followed, pulling her backpack out of the backseat before climbing out of the car. She started to talk at Charlie, letting annoyance and fury resonate in her voice. She rounded the car and joined Charlie in pulling Jeffery out of the car. The pair stumbled to the building and inside, using the elevator, as it was safer and simpler to do so. At this time of night, there was no one in the hall to stop and question them. At Jeffery’s door, Natalia dug into his pockets and pulled out his keys. She was still berating the men, just not that loudly. Charlie, unnerved by the whole situation, kept quiet.

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