Daily Prompt: Matter

From Inside the Grey House:

She nodded; amazed he was able to change his mood so quickly. “You treat everyone the same way, don’t you? It doesn’t matter that I sleep with you. I disobeyed an order and you punished me. You didn’t give me any chance to talk my way out of it or sleep my way out of it and you never will.”

“Did you expect to be treated differently?”

Natalia paused before answering, pondering the question. When she decided she wanted to join Vincent’s house, she knew how he operated. Knew that she would be killed quickly if she did something to harm his people. She turned the full force of her dark eyes on the vampire. “It would be an insult if you treated me differently. I appreciate that you did not and hope that this means that you feel I’m worthy to be a part of your house.”

Vincent smiled. “If you weren’t worthy, Joseph would have killed you the night we met.”

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