Daily Prompt: Advised

From Inside the Grey House:

Most vampires who visited Vincent in his home or office, knew he kept everything bugged. Some, such as Christopher and Edwin, always demanded to have the cameras and recording devices turned off when meeting with Vincent. They didn’t know that Vincent’s top people had override codes for such situations.

Rebecca’s hands curled again, inadvertently caressing the keyboard. Vincent always allowed Joseph his privacy and advised Rebecca never to listen in on his longtime friend unless given specific orders to. She had no such orders for this instance. Rebecca hung her head, sighed and pulled her hands away from the keyboard. Whatever Joseph was doing, it was not for her to know. She sat back in the chair, waiting for the screen to come back on. Half an hour later, the room came back on the screen. It showed Joseph standing in the room slipping something into his pocket; Natalia was still tossing and turning.

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