Daily Prompt: False

From Inside the Grey House:

The wolves were gathered in his office. Charlie, once more in jeans and t-shirt, was leaning against the far wall, the sword by his side, hilt in hand, tip pointing down. The others were in wolf form: Orlando, and Doug to his right and left. They were sitting, panting, waiting for someone to make a false move. It was to Natalia’s credit that Charlie and the others followed her orders. In Rebecca’s absence, she became their surrogate alpha female.

The healer was sitting in the center of the room, naked. She had small cuts running across her chest and down her arms. Lilly had drawn some recognizable runes on the carpet in blood. He could smell it and wondered how the wolves stayed calm. He couldn’t remember the last time Lilly used blood to heal Natalia. Vincent glanced sharply at the healer then at Natalia. Were he human, his face would have gone pale. As it was, his eyes grew wide as he placed Natalia on the floor next to Lilly.

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