Daily Prompt: Impressed

Lorraine is Vincent’s sire. She isn’t happy that though Natalia is on the West Coast and Lorraine and Vincent are far away on the East Coast, Vincent almost refuses to sleep with his sire. She is also trying to point out to Vincent that he knows nothing about the human.

From Inside the Grey House:

Lorraine smiled at his reaction. She sounded amused. “She’s gotten into your blood. How interesting, and only after what, three meetings? I’m impressed.”



“Four meetings. I’ve met her four times.” Vincent was smirking. He would bet that Joseph had not told Mierka of Vincent’s encounter with Natalia at the restaurant. Vincent would have the pleasure of telling Lorraine every lustful detail. He would have the upper hand tonight.

“Vincent, listen to yourself. You’ve lost control. You care about how many times you’ve seen her, and not what you will one day do to her. What will you do when you accidentally kill her?”

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