Daily Prompt: Favorite Line

I have a favorite line of the trilogy. Well, probably more than one, but this one keeps coming back to me. It’s from the first book:

“The din tore down the beach like a great beast in heat.”

This happens when Natalia lets out a frustrated scream when she realized she wants to sleep with Vincent. I wanted the noise she made to resemble a beast, hence that word in the sentence. There is another, hidden, indication of that as well. “Din”. Great word. Older word we don’t use too much in English (American English anyway) that means noise.

I didn’t want to use noise though, as that was not quite right. I can remember if I used a thesaurus for the word, of if I remembered it from various books and poems I’ve read.

At any rate, I decided to use “din” as it reminded me of another word: djinn. Also spelled jinn. And bastardized into genie.

The image of Natalia releasing a frustrated scream in the form of a large genie like cloud that escaped down the moon lit beach hit me hard. It was, for me, perfect.

I love that line.

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