Daily Prompt: Impossible

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia leaned against the stairwell wall, pausing for a moment to consider the events of the past year. Most of Vincent’s people accepted her. The wolves quicker than the vampires, but that was because of Charlie and Rebecca. She spent many days catching up with Charlie and learning about his lady. Natalia liked Rebecca and was glad Charlie found her. The pair also tried to help her find Donald, her mother’s killer, which was proving to be impossible. There were sightings of him every once and awhile, but nothing concrete. It seemed as if he had disappeared. Natalia believed he might have been killed but didn’t want to accept the possibility. She therefore continued to search, but never seemed to look too hard. The truth of the matter was that she was happy. Trying to find her mother’s killer brought up too many memories she was reluctant to deal with. She would be happier if Vincent let her train with his men, but that was her only real complaint.

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