Daily Prompt: Flavors

I like worlds with magic in them, as it allows people to be healed quickly.
Also, really, blue cheese, apple and bread is amazing.

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia was surprised to realize she was. She nodded as she reached for the butter knife. She spread some blue cheese on a piece of French bread then took it and a piece of apple off the tray. Chewing slowly, she closed her eyes and enjoyed the mix of flavors. She took sips of water in between bites of food, feeling once again like royalty. She reached for another slice of apple and paused. Her shoulder didn’t hurt, and neither did the rest of her body. She looked to Lilly.

“I don’t hurt.”

Lilly smiled. “I’m a healer. I took care of your wounds.”

Natalia frowned. “Where was I shot?”

“In your left thigh.”

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