Daily Prompt: Implication

From Inside the Grey House:

“Congratulations. In the past two years, you have fought against most of the vampires in Vincent’s house. You will never fight Mierka or Dr. Elving, as neither fight in these battles for their own reasons. Vincent has allowed you to fight him on occasion, with varied results. At this time, there is only one other vampire you have not fought who wishes to fight you. It is now time for you to fight me.”

The crowd quieted, as the implication set in. Joseph never fought against anyone unless he felt the fight would be worth it. All waited for his next words, but Natalia spoke first. She knelt in front of him, her face shining with respect.

“I’m not ready, sir.” She felt his hand on her shoulder and she lifted her head to meet his gaze.

He spoke quietly again. “You are more ready then you realize.” He raised his voice. “Rise, child and accept my challenge.”

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