Daily Prompt: Horror

Charlie absolutely allows his emotions to lead him.

From Inside the Grey House:

Charlie watched in horror as Vincent used his strength against Natalia. Fear for her life wrapped around his thoughts and he felt himself changing. A growl escaped his throat and was cut short by a hand on the back of his neck and an angry voice in his ear.

“You attack our boss, and he will kill you. She brought this on herself! You defend her now; I won’t stop him from punishing you!”

Rebecca’s words penetrated his mind and Charlie changed back into human. He gave her a sheepish look and muttered under his breath. His wife shook her head, grabbed his arm and pulled him out of the room, headed for the dungeon. If she threw him down there, Vincent would not. Charlie didn’t fight her, knowing full well that she was right. It wasn’t his place to fight Vincent. Charlie allowed himself to be taken to the dungeon, where his Alpha wife shackled him in one of the smaller rooms.

“How long?” His voice was full of defeat.

“Until I tell him why you almost attacked him. He’ll decide when to let you go.”

“Great.” Charlie watched Rebecca leave the room and heard her lock the door, trying to figure out what he had been thinking, wondering how many times he would end up in the dungeon due to his worry for Natalia.

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