Daily Prompt: Study

If I had to choose who I relate to the most in this series, or rather, who I would want to be the most, it’s Mierka. Something happens later in this scene, that doesn’t really make sense to happen, but Mierka decides to do it anyway. Yes, I’m being vague. That’s the point of teasers, isn’t it?

From Inside the Grey House:

Natalia turned and sat up on the edge of the bed checking out the plate of food. There was a large sandwich and a glass of orange juice. She opened up the sandwich; saw lettuce, tomatoes and mutton. Since Vincent owned sheep farms, it was usually the main meat in the house. She picked up the sandwich, took a bite and enjoyed the flavor. After swallowing, she turned to Mierka, who was still studying her with that slight smile.


“Do you wish to be changed Natalia?”

“Eventually.” She took another bite of sandwich, not sure where Mierka was headed.

“Have you ever thought about what you would do if something were to happen to Vincent before he changed you?”

Natalia swallowed her bite of sandwich. It went down hard, as it was only half chewed. She put the sandwich down, took a swallow of orange juice and placed the glass down on the tray. She stared at Mierka. “No, I haven’t.”

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