Daily Prompt: Serious

From Inside the Grey House:

“What is it, Vincent?” She was very nervous but hid it with a slight anger. His voice was rather odd. She felt something important was coming and wasn’t sure she wanted to delve into another serious conversation tonight.

The smile that came to his face was slightly mocking, slightly seductive. “You were impressive tonight, lover.” He pulled her to him again, trapped her as he slipped his hand down her dress. Even with the sword cut in it, it was impressive. He squeezed her cheek, loving the feel of her hard ass. “Where did you get this dress? Much more interesting than the one I picked out.”

She gasped as his cool fingers found her heat. “We could be doing this upstairs.”

He slipped his fingers out of her to hold her closer. “There is something I wish to discuss with you, Natalia.”

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