Daily Prompt: Death

The idea of becoming a vampire flits through my mind every once in a while. I have yet to decide if that is something I would want. Watching your loved ones die is not an easy thing. But not having MS and making new friends for an eternity and seeing how things change in the world? That might be nice.

From Inside the Grey House:

The words resounded in his ears, making him tense with pleasure. He crushed her to him, giving her a hard kiss. There was no room for breath as his tongue plunged into her mouth to caress her tongue. He felt her hands on his back, digging in, trying to claw his back through his clothing. He pulled away, wanting to see her eyes.

“Would endless death be such a terrible thing?” His hand was caressing her jaw line, then traveled down to her neck.

She looked into his frank blue eyes, thinking about what she thought as she lay bleeding on the floor of his club. “What happens wh-if you change me?”

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