Daily Prompt: Sown

I think the last line I’m sharing today is one of my favorite lines in the trilogy. Vincent is a lot of things. Loyal is one of them. The dynamic between Vincent and his werewolves transcends this trilogy. I am writing another book right now, which also has supernatural critters, where a vampire family is fiercely loyal to werewolves. I like that camaraderie. Or maybe I just like when people are good to each other in general.

From Inside the Grey House:

“I’d like to go with her, until she sends me back.” Rebecca’s mom hadn’t been able to stand her husband in the last two months of pregnancy and he had been too much of a risk at that point as well. Charlie was warned it could be the same with him.

“Will you go to Montana?” Vincent owned 60 acres of private, secure and secluded land in Montana. Rebecca’s parents had retired there.

“With your permission.”

Vincent reached his hand out to the Alpha of his werewolves. When Rebecca took his offered hand, he stepped forward, brought her hand to his lips and kissed her hand. “Go with speed and goodwill, werewolf. Your family will have a home with me for as long as the line is sown.”

“And my family will continue to serve you, vampire, for as long as your blood stays true.”

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