Daily prompt: normal

Sometimes I feel I should just publish the damn book here on line to get it done with. But, as I am trying to make it as a published writer (and make enough money to quit my day job) I’ll wait until my editors are ready with it. Until then, enjoy the snippets.

From Inside the Grey House:

Charlie, not really sure of Natalia’s wishes, carefully grasped the hilt, hoping the enchanted sword wouldn’t hurt him. When his hand felt normal, he tightened his grasp, nodded to Lilly and pulled the sword out. He and Lilly were sprayed with her blood. Charlie, seeing Vincent eyeing the sword, called his pack to him. The wolves surrounded him and as a unit, the pack left the room.

Lilly tried to concentrate on the energies around her, trying to gather them. She was worried, as she couldn’t feel anything. She shook her head as she tried once more. It was no good. There were too many dark and empty spots for her to gather the energies.

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