Daily Prompt: owe

Currently, both the second and third book are being edited. I plan on releasing the third book MUCH quicker after the second than I am the second after the first. Rookie lesson learned. If you have a series, and you are having friends/other authors read over the books, let them read all the books at once. It helps with release dates. I am forever grateful to the people who are reading my books as readers, and those who are helping edit. Can’t afford to pay them yet, so it’s all done because they love me and my writing. Which is beyond amazing.

From Inside the Grey House:

“You owe me blood, Natalia.” His voice whispered into her neck, traveling up her jaw line. He watched her reaction as he exposed his fangs to her.

“I do.” A low whisper. “When will you collect your payment?”

He turned her around, so her back was to his chest. Vincent lowered his head to her neck, letting her feel his fangs on her flesh. Each time he pressed the tips into her skin, her breath caught in anticipation and a touch of fear. “Tonight wouldn’t be wise, as you fainted on my steps not more than six hours ago.”

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