Daily Prompt: roof

I started sharing snipets of Inside the Grey House (book 2 of The Grey House trilogy) about a year ago. I am now going to share snippets of book 3 Protector of the Grey House. I started that yesterday, but I am making it official. I hope to have book 2 & book 3 published soon. I had thought to have book 2 out before October of this year, but covid and other issues has delayed the publication. For that I am sorry. Please hang in there. Book 2 & 3 will be published with far less time in between.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia watched through binoculars from across the street as yet another Slayer walked nonchalantly into the corner café. She sighed and hung her head, wondering how many she would have to kill to get out. She was currently on the roof of the apartment building kitty corner to the arranged meeting place. She told Ashley that she needed to get her some information. She had asked the girl not to bring anyone else. Ashley, or someone she knew, decided to disobey her wishes. Natalia sighed again and slung her backpack across her shoulders. She left the roof the way she came, by the back wooden steps that at one point had been a fire escape.

It took her two months to decide whom to tell about the demons Edwin summoned. It took three months to convince Ashley to meet her, and another month to plot the best place to meet. Natalia had been spying on the place for the past two weeks, finding as many ways out as possible. There were two conventional ways: front entrance and back kitchen door. The two walls facing the street were beautiful picture windows. She was pretty sure the windows were regular glass and could be busted with a diner chair or Slayer if necessary. She also noticed who were regulars and who were not. Half of the people frequenting the small café today were not regulars. She was ready for the battle she hoped she wouldn’t have to fight.

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