Daily Prompt: fists

“fists” shows up 19 times in this novel. I thought it would show up more.

From Protector of the Grey House:

She ground her teeth and her hands formed into fists. “They spent the next few hours stripping his skin off in thin strips. When he wouldn’t talk, they fed him my blood.” Vincent’s hand tightened on her shoulder. Anthony glanced away from her to watch Vincent’s reaction. Seeing no emotion, he once again captured Natalia’s gaze and listened to her story, trying to find the holes.

“He healed himself and they pulled his skin off again. Halfway through, he broke. Told them I was sleeping with Vincent but that his own boss didn’t trust me. He had been sent to spy on me to reveal my betrayal so that I could be exposed. His words helped my story, but then he told them what I had done in order to try and convince Vincent of my loyalty. The Slayers weren’t pleased to learn that I killed their kind. They had stopped interrogating him at that point. There was no reason for Wayne to keep talking. So why did he? Did you tell him to sell me out? Do you want to get rid of me that badly? Or is it just that your man was poorly trained?”

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