Daily Prompt: limit

Why is it, when I get out of bed later than usual, nothing seems to work right? Had to restart my computer before being able to post. And all sites were being extra slow.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia told him that she often had to infiltrate groups of Slayers. Before, it was one at a time. Now she often spoke with three or four at a time. She told Vincent she took care of the Slayers cautiously, making sure to kill them one at a time, when they were by themselves, instead of going against them all at once. Still, she had started training for the inevitable. She was fighting his vampires two or three at a time. Vincent didn’t care for these sessions, but allowed it, knowing she needed the training. It didn’t help that Joseph and Mierka both thought she was doing a worthy job and helped to push the human to her limit and beyond. Joseph fought her often and Mierka gave her pointers on stealth tactics.

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