Daily Prompt: throne

The thought of the main character (either of them) having a throne always thrills me. For various reason. I like describing elegant chairs I’ve seen, or making them up as I go along. I am not an authoritarian but understand how to use that aspect of our nature in stories.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Meeting room. I’ll escort you.” He held his arm out to her. Natalia stood, fully dressed in a red cotton dress. She took his arm and let him lead her out the rooms, down the stairs and into the meeting room. There was a long table with twelve wooden chairs around it. Vincent was at the head of the table, seated on the throne he had pulled out of storage one month after Edwin’s party. Anthony was seated at the other end. Mierka was to Vincent’s right, facing the door. Next to her was Ben, then Dr. Elving, then Franklin then Julia. To Anthony’s right were Lilly, Diana, Angie, and Rebecca, with an empty seat to Vincent’s left.

The talk stopped as the pair walked into the room. Joseph let Natalia’s arm go and went to whisper with Diana before sitting in the empty chair. Vincent stood and greeted Natalia with a kiss. Then, to Anthony’s chagrin, the Captain led his lady to his throne, choosing to stand behind her as he continued talking.

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