Daily Prompt: stumble

I think I mentioned it before, but there is a scene in this book where Natalia is hypnotized. It’s with her permission and she knows what is to happen before it happens. The scene was VERY different when I first wrote the trilogy. I am glad I have the right people in my life to turn the scene around and make it about consent.

From Protector of the Grey House:

The car was parked in the drive, right by the front door. Once they left the car, the driver closed up and took the limo to the garage. Rebecca felt it was easier to go in through the front door. As Natalia stumbled up the few steps, the wolf knew she made the right decision. Rebecca looked to Mierka with a quizzical expression on her face. Mierka answered with an equally confused look and shrugged. Mierka helped Natalia up the rest of the short flight of steps. Natalia leaned into her and giggled.

To make sure nothing unforeseen happened, Rebecca went with Mierka up the steps to Vincent’s sitting room. Mierka helped Natalia, who seemed more drunk than anything else. Mierka filed the information away to tell Joseph later. They sat Natalia on the couch at one end and let her rest against the armrest and back. She sat there staring at them, seemingly waiting for them to pull her strings. Mierka asked Rebecca to fetch the men, and waited for Vincent, who came shortly after with Joseph in tow.

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