Daily Prompt: stock

From Protector of the Grey House:

“We were waiting to have you present to gauge your response.”

“Shit.” Her hand went to her face to rub her eyebrows. She turned from Julia, paced a few steps then turned back around. Her voice showed her determination. “Is anyone else present for this revelation?”

“All in Vincent’s household, and all his Lieutenants.”

Natalia closed her eyes and gave her head one single shake. She opened her eyes again and looked steadily at Julia. “It is absolutely imperative that we, meaning Anthony, Vincent and I, speak privately before Anthony tells the room his news.”

“Why? So you can weave your spell and get him under your control?” Her voice was inquisitive, but not mean.

“Do you believe that’s what I do?”

Julia caught Natalia’s gaze and stood stock still for a moment. Finally, her expression broke and she shook her head. “No. No I don’t. But it’s hard to ignore the truth.”

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