Daily Prompt: find

“Find” and “finding” and “finds” appear 82 times in this novel. When the word popped up, I knew I would have a lot of choices.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“She deserves it. She’s been protecting us all for a lot of years and has given us more Slayer weapons than I thought existed. She may be doing all this in order to find the one she wants to kill, but it has been to our benefit.”

A smile came to Joseph’s face. “And you’re happy to have her in your bed.”

Vincent gave him a sardonic look as Joseph closed the box and handed it back. “That was not a factor in my decision, and you know it.”

“Of course not. But if she has rank, knows how important she is to you, perhaps she’ll stay after she kills Donald.”

“One can hope.” Vincent locked the box back in his drawer.

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