Daily Prompt: ignorance

A bit of history on someone Vincent used to know.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Humans have a way of hiding the truth from themselves even when it stares them in the face.” He paused to press his fangs into her skin and suckle her blood. She stiffened with pain but allowed him his drink. He grew hard against her and growled as she stretched into him. He let her go. He now wanted to finish the story. Vincent grinned when she protested his pulling away. He reached behind him to the nightstand, where a small towel lay in wait. He pressed the soft fabric onto the bite wound and she settled against him when he continued the story.

“Laura Lynn refused to see the truth until the day I changed her. When she woke, she still didn’t understand. I explained my world to her, and she went temporarily insane. She left my house and was picked up by the authorities, who placed her in a mental hospital for the stories she told. I found out and had her released into my custody, as I knew she would be killed out of sheer ignorance. One of the hospital’s daily rituals was placing the patients in the sun to enjoy its warmth.

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