Daily Prompt: given

The word today was ‘give’. 90 variations of that word appear in this novel. Here’s the first appearance that doesn’t give anything too important away.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Her hand went to her neck, where the marks were still evident, if you were looking. Her silver necklace had been pressed into her skin hard enough to pierce the skin in a few areas. She was grateful her necklace had not broken.

“How did you escape?” Mierka’s voice was almost too quiet to hear.

Natalia turned her head to look at the lady. She sighed heavily before continuing. “The one who believed me gave me back my cell phone. When I was sure they had all left the house, I used my cell phone to call the police.” She paused, an odd look in her eye. Ashley, the youngest of the four Slayers, the only one who believed her story, had given her back her cell. She shook her head and continued her story.

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