Daily Prompt: amiss

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia watched her lover come into the room and wondered at the look on his face. She had been surprised to see all the people present. Natalia had gone straight to Rebecca, knowing she could ignore the rest of the room if she were speaking with her friend. As Vincent caught her eye, she felt the peace that had crept over her while she talked to Rebecca trying to slip away. She held onto it, knowing if the feeling left, her stress and headache would return. She took a deep breath and continued her conversation with Rebecca, who had been explaining how the dynamics of her family worked. It seemed that due to the pact they made with Vincent, it was easier for Rebecca’s parents to take care of her children, as it had been easier for Rebecca’s grandmother to take care of her. They continued the conversation as Natalia tried to ignore the look on her man’s face.

Vincent stood waiting, letting the tension in the room grow. He watched patiently while Anthony nodded to Joseph then went to join Julia, who was standing with the other vampires. Vincent stepped forward, crossed his arms behind his back and waited for silence. It didn’t take long. There was a feeling of anticipation. All under his protection were present. The only creature that didn’t know something was amiss was Natalia.

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