Daily Prompt: children

When I first wrote this novel, I knew Vincent was not a ‘good’ person. If you know gaming terms, he’s lawful evil. (explanation in next paragraph) This meant that the antagonist(s) had to be worse. Enter Edwin. In short, Edwin is a pedophile. As that, to me, is the most evil think in the world. Though there are vague references to what he is capable of, I don’t describe what he does because, ew. Fucking ew.
The scene below talks of Edwin and the type of person he is.

“A lawful evil villain methodically takes what he wants within the limits of his code of conduct without regard for whom it hurts. He cares about tradition, loyalty, and order but not about freedom, dignity or life. He plays by the rules but without mercy or compassion.”

From Protector of the Grey House:

Natalia pushed away from Vincent and started to pace back and forth, staring at Anthony with loathing the whole time. “The Slayers knew who I was, or rather, what I was. Had heard of the dark-haired human who slept with the powerful vampire. Some even knew me as Jeffery Tathers’ did: The One Walking the Edge. Lucky for me, these particular Slayers wanted to know why I was with you and why some of their own couldn’t see me as Hellspawn. What kind of twisted human would sleep with a vampire who allowed his followers to torture and kill innocent children? I told them the truth.

“I told them about Edwin, and all his friends. They didn’t believe me, so I went back to Theodore’s on a hunch. His house hadn’t been touched in years, but his trophies were still there. I took the Slayers there and showed them the wall and the pictures. And in some of those pictures stood Edwin, performing atrocities on the young humans.”

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