Daily Prompt: weightlessness

I write fantasy romance novels. I try not to place too many seduction or sex scenes in my blog in case someone underage reads it. But every once in a while, a word shows me a scene, I really want to share. So here you go. Seduction.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Joseph continued his slow seduction, removing her clothing, but not allowing her to remove his, when she tried. He was driving her insane with the lightness of his touch. Eventually, she begged and pleaded, but he still touched her with an aching weightlessness.

“God damn you, Joseph! Please give me what I want!” She pleaded as he slowly sucked at her breast.

He grinned around her nipple. “God can’t help you in this household, woman. And I’ve already been damned by worse than He.”

Natalia cried out in frustration, as he continued his soft touch. Finally, fed up with his aggravating strokes, she pulled her hands free, grabbed his shirt and spat her words into his face through clenched teeth. “Give me what I want, you pitiful excuse for a man!”

The devil showed in his smile. “The insult was not necessary.”

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