Daily Prompt: palm

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent pushed himself away from the post and slowly came to her side. He sat on the bed and touched her cheek softly with his fingertips. She closed her eyes and leaned her head into his hand, kissing his palm. His emotions broke wide open when he realized what he wasn’t seeing in her expression. There was no fear, no hate. She honestly believed she was in the wrong and that he had done right to punish her. He also realized that had it been anyone else, he would have no doubts about his actions. Vincent let go of the guilt, leaned in and kissed Natalia softly.

When he pulled back, she was breathing hard, clutching at his shirt. “Make love to me.”

“You’re in no condition.” He started unbuttoning his shirt, wanting to feel her fire against his skin.

“Then why are you undressing?” She pulled him to her by his shirt, kissing his neck and exposed chest.

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