Daily Prompt: smiled

Right now, my fiance is outside shoveling enough show off our driveway to make sure packages can be delivered. I have grown to not like working from home too much, but today, I am very appreciative of it. I hope the business I work for remembers it’s ok to let people work from home after this pandemic, and allows us to do so on snow days in the future.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Emily was human for far less than that, and you had more reason to distrust her, yet no one followed her.”

Vincent smiled at the name, pulling his key ring out of his pocket as a vision of the lovely lady came to him. She was blond with green eyes, of average height and very shapely. Emily was as beautiful as Natalia, almost as smart, but had no desire to fight. “None of the women I’ve loved have been like Natalia. Natalia is smart, beautiful, and dangerous. Perhaps I want to make sure I know what I’m getting myself into.”

“Even after seven years?”

“She’s hunting a vampire and is still human. She will one day catch the vampire, but what happens when she does? Will she stay with us, ask to be turned, or will she leave and turn Slayer? None of us know and we won’t know until her quest is finished.”

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