Daily Prompt: brush

Hope this year is better for all of us.

From Protector of the Grey House:

She fell to her knees again, bowing her head low enough for her hair to brush the ground. “My blood and life are yours vampire. Do with me as you see fit.”

There was a murmur as the others in the room processed her words. For a vampire to pledge life and blood was one thing. For a human, it meant death. She was giving a pledge of loyalty, one that could only be broken by Vincent. The large vampire stared down at the head of the beautiful creature that was kneeling before him. A great part of him wanted to take her words to its fullest extent, wanted to change her then and there. She had pledged her blood and life and he saw fit to change it. He took a step toward her, his intent clear on his face, for those who knew how to read it. He noticed Joseph and Mierka change posture as he reached out and touched the top of Natalia’s head, caressing her soft hair.

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