Daily Prompt: person

Though there were many rules I had to follow for the creatures in this trilogy, the creator of the gaming world allowed me some leeway. Being hypnotized by a vampire’s blood is not in the gaming books, but it was a fun modification to work with.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Anthony had researched Edwin’s nightly ritual of giving his people his blood. Edwin would feed humans and vampires his blood every night. With humans, it almost always seemed to negate their will power. With vampires, it depended on their age. Anthony and Joseph seemed to think it had more to do with the person who drank, but were unsure how it worked. Some who drank Edwin’s blood were affected in a similar manner as Natalia. The mayor of San Francisco drank Edwin’s blood and was under the Captain’s control. Joseph nodded to himself. Natalia would do anything Vincent wanted because she was under his control. He continued to assess the situation. Charlie struggled on the ground with Natalia. Vincent strained against Joseph’s hold.

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