Daily Prompt: unclear

The word was actually ‘uncle’ but I didn’t use that word in this trilogy.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“Come with us.” The room stilled. Ashley stared at her and Natalia saw the shock then consideration, then blankness steal across the girl’s features. Ashley was no Slayer and both women knew it. She had never heard the angels and only ran with Slayers because her family had been killed by a demon when she was quite young. Natalia decided to push her luck. She took a step forward showing kindness in her eyes.

“Have you heard the voices yet? Or are they letting you have your own mind?” Her voice sounded motherly and Ashley started to shake. Natalia stepped forward; her actions unclear even to herself. She felt Charlie’s hand on her arm, tentative and pleading, and stopped her advance.

Pain gripped Ashley’s features as Father Sulta clamped his hand on her shoulder. “Take her out of here or we kill her.”

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