Daily Prompt: picked

I like being able to work from home during winter. It’s safer for me and my car, and for most of humanity in snowy areas. But really, this pandemic needs to end.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent was simply smiling; waiting for what he knew was coming.

After letting Morgan get close for about three minutes, but not actually letting him hit her, Natalia started to feel it. Her thoughts were being picked clean from her mind as Morgan learned her movements and gained confidence. Her tactical side took over as Morgan was allowed to attack her semi-successfully over and over again. Finally, her mind clear of scattered thoughts, she began to show him what she was really made of. Because she allowed him to win for a few minutes, he didn’t give up easily. The calculating warrior took over. She landed more and more blows, making them harder and fiercer and far more precise. Finally, her scattered mind completely consumed by battle adrenaline, she swept him off his feet, swung the staff to his neck and pressed hard against his throat.

“You can’t choke me, human.”

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