Daily Prompt: suspected

Until today, I thought I came up with the name “Mierka”. Just now, I remembered I knew a kid with that name when I was a kid. Her parents were friends of the family. Brains/memories are weird.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Lava was packed, and Natalia didn’t want to be sitting in the booth. She hadn’t been back to the club since a week before she was kidnapped by Zechariah. Bethany had convinced her to come out to listen to a local band. The band that night was good, if she remembered correctly. She and Bethany had a great night. Natalia brought her thoughts back to the present and looked around. Tonight, there was a DJ and people were dancing. She was playing good music, and Natalia wanted to join the crowd. She didn’t see Bethany, or anyone else she knew, but that was a good thing. She didn’t need the complication of old friends to disturb her outing with her new friends. Natalia suspected Mierka was going to try and hypnotize her tonight. It wouldn’t do to be interrupted.

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