Daily Prompt: exact

Protector of the Grey House:

Soon, Vincent would leave the security room to punish Natalia. He would have Mierka bring her to the training room, where he would exact the punishment he saw fit. It was different for each situation. Joseph tensed when Vincent left, and wished Natalia mercy.

Vincent thought about what he would say to the gathered crowd as he walked down the hall to the training room. He did not like being staked. Mierka had tried to appease his anger, but it had not been possible. He was too wound up, too furious to think of anything but punishment. Vincent reached the training room and stepped through the doors. Mierka waited just inside the room. She bowed as he came to her. He let her straighten then bent and whispered in her ear. She gave him a quick look, nodded then turned and headed to fetch Natalia.

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