Daily Prompt: lily

Hope you all enjoyed the short story from yesterday. Today, it’s back to the usual.

From Protector of the Grey House:

“His will is comparable to yours now?”

“He doesn’t trust me, so it makes it harder.” She walked from behind the desk and went to sit beside Anthony. “Anthony? Nod if you can hear me.” He nodded slowly. She could feel his will fight hers. “Do you remember when we first met?”

“At The Red Thread…beautiful…lily.”

“Do you remember all that I asked of you?”


She sighed, wrestled with his will, and captured it again. “Is that why you don’t trust me?”

“…can’t trust Slayer…”

“I’m not a Slayer. You know that. I’ve been with Vincent for seven years. I would never kill any of his men. Why do you think I’m a Slayer?”

“Hunting a vampire.” His voice sounded too confident. Natalia knew she should keep this short, but she needed to know how deep his suspicion ran.

“Even though I fight to protect Vincent’s men, I’m a Slayer?”


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