Daily Prompt:tickled

First work today? Give. That word only appears 86 times in the novel. Didn’t want to use it though, therefore, we have tickled.

From Protector of the Grey House:

Vincent laid Natalia down on their bed, kissing her as he started removing what was left of her clothing. He let his fingers dance upon her skin, enjoying her gasps as he tickled her. He laughed as she grasped his shirt and pulled it apart popping buttons. She had ruined more shirts this way than he cared to count. He obeyed when she drew him down to lie on top of her, growling as her warmth scorched his skin. His thoughts started to leave as passion threatened to take over, but her expression from earlier kept replaying in his mind.

Vincent pulled back a little, staring down into her face. “Are you well?”

Her fingers caressed his face, passing his cheeks to entwine in his silky blond hair. “Is talk really necessary?”

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